Alternative man Machine Interface

At Quickest Owl we have the expertise in Alternative man Machine Interface, most of it for elderly and disabled users.


Past projects

Systems and projects we were involved with up to the year of  2008. The projects included, stabilized observation systems, mobile robots, alternative human machine interfaces, computer vision and more.

EEG operated smart home for ALS patients

A report on Channel 10 news ,about  EEG operated smart home for ALS patients developed by Quickest Owl. The project was done at ORT Hermelin college in 2010 by Alon Bukaee and Ophir Benjamin, and under the guidance of Quickest Owl . The project was implemented in cooperation with ISRALS and with the help of the late Mr Gil Niran.

EMG controlled prosthetic arm

EMG controlled prosthetic arm Final project in practical engineering of Joan Sabage, Guy Shachar Tal Hananel at ORT Harmelin College - Mechatronic department. In 2010, the project was directed by Quickest Owl. The prosthetic arm was controled by EMG (Electromyography - small currents generated during muscle contraction). The arm is intended for use of
below the elbow amputees. With 8 electrodes in different areas on the body of the user, we sampled the user muscle contraction. According to the various contractions , the prosthetic arm performed operations of opening, closing and yawing of the hand . The arm is designed to be of normal weight. The Arm is operated with a pair of rc servo motors, and controlled
by PIC 16f877A. There are two arm control loops: User - vibration motor which gives an indication to the user about the pressure of  the fingers System control - using current sensors we control the power used by motors in order not exceed the motors limits The poject won first prize in an anual national competition.  
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Vision controled robotic walking cane

At Quickest Owl we developed a proof of concept version of a vision controlled walking cane for one of our customers.