Mobile Robots Autonomous and Teleoperated UGVs

At Quickest Owl we have developed mobile robot platforms , for the defense and civilian markets. Some of these platforms are displayed in this page.

Air gun trigger heck for robotic operation

Air gun trigger heck for robotic operation

Vanishing point guided ATV

Vanishing point algorithem is being used to move inside buildings The project was done at ORT Hermalin (Israel) with the collaboration of the Technion computer science faculty, by Liron, Dima and Dvir with the guidance of Quickest Owl on April 2010.  

Vision controled robotic walking cane

At Quickest Owl we developed a proof of concept version of a vision controlled walking cane for one of our customers.    

Stereoscopic vision research platform

Stereoscopic vision research platform (2012)

Vision based flowers pollinate Robot

  Final Project Mechatronics practical engineer of Shelly Huberman and Arik Lerner Harmelin ORT College, Netanya, Israel. In 2012, the project was done  under Quickest-Owl  guidance

Past projects

Systems and projects we were involved with up to the year of  2008. The projects included, stabilized observation systems, mobile robots, alternative human machine interfaces, computer vision and more.

Anti riot platform

Anti riot platform which was technologically designed by Quickest Owl, and developed in collaboration with the client's team. The system allows remote control of a variety of nonlethal weapons, peripheral observation, Target investigation and a public addressing system from the control station. System integration and demonstration was carried out by the
Quickest Owl team. We were part of the development team but the system is not our proprietary!  
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