silent movment pin hole PTZ camera

At Quickest Owl we were in charge of developing a very high quality silent movement pin hole PTZ camera for covert reconnaissance.

EEG operated smart home for ALS patients

A report on Channel 10 news ,about  EEG operated smart home for ALS patients developed by Quickest Owl.

Pneumatic Mule

A development of a pneumatic walking platform that was done by Quickest Owl with Ben Gurion University .This project is a proprietary of the Ben Gurion University.

Anti riot platform

Anti riot platform which was technologically designed by Quickest Owl, and developed in collaboration with the client's team.
We were part of the development team but the system is not our proprietary!


X - Heavy lifting multicopter

At Quickest Owl we developed and manufactured a heavy lifting multicopter, according to the customer's specifications, with the ability of GPS based autonomous flight, long rang communication  and cellular control option.


Quickest Owl LTD specializes in providing rapid and wise technological proof of concepts.

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